Maine Coon Adoption. We are proud to bring you Maine Coon Cats of high standards through breeding and upbringing at My Kiki Cat Maine Coon Cattery. In California, we aim at having healthy kittens that depict the magnificence of the Maine Coon breed and its gentle and loving characteristics.

My Philosophy

Our cattery was established on account of a strong affection for Maine Coons. Thus, its breeding is focused on ethics. Our Maine Coon Adoption are given priority when it comes to their well-being and health; we ensure that they are constantly taken care of in the most excellent way possible throughout their lives. Every mating pair has been chosen very carefully including taking into consideration the general health screening for genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). We have registered our Cattery with a Reputable Cat Association(s) TICA and abide strictly by their standards and guidelines.

Our Cats

The champions’ lineage of our Maine Coons is evident in their pedigrees. We are devoted to preserving and improving traits of the Maine coon cat breed, which include a striking look with tufted ears, bushy tails, and dense water-repellent fur. Our Maine coon cats are nurtured in a loving home environment that supports socialization from an early stage, thus enabling them to develop into well-rounded and loving animals.

Dedication to Exceptional Standards

In My Kiki Cats, we have a strong belief in openness and frankness when dealing with our customers. Prospective Maine coon owners can visit our cattery by appointment to meet our cats and witness the kind of care and treatment they receive from us. Each kitten’s comprehensive information such as their vaccination records, health history, and pedigrees among others also provided.
Maine Coon Adoption

Join Our Kiki Cat Cattery Family

My Kiki Cat Cattery family is looking forward to joining you
Feel free to visit our cattery whether this is the first time that you will be owning a Maine coon cat or not. My Kiki Cat Cattery is not just any other cattery, but it is a place where we come together as individuals who have passion for our breed and how we can make it better.
Thanks for taking your time and visiting My Kiki Cat Cattery. We anticipate helping you locate your ideal partner by checking maine coon kitten price.
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Maine Coon grooming: The Maine coon skin is easy to handle, apart from its length. The nodules are forming quite little. Regular brushing is still recommended, except for at least one hour per week.

A veterinarian carries out the vaccination protocol and allows the Maine Coon to be protected against various infections.
The “classic” vaccines are proposed from the age of 8 weeks. He gives 2 or 3 injections in advance for primo vaccination, then a round every year, during the annual visit. They protect against several illnesses
How much does a Maine Coon cost?
The price of a Maine Coon kitten in France is approximately 1,000 – 1,500 euros. It depends on its lineage, the rarity of its coat, and its quality compared to the official standard. For kittens intended for shows or breeding, without guarantees on results, prices can go up to 2,000 euros and beyond.”